Bryce Pearson


Bryce launched Activity Living in order to break the status quo in the industry. He shared the vision that clients do best when they have benchmarks to work towards and regular scheduled activities in the community where they can serve and develop their life skills. As an intrepid perfectionist with a childlike innocence, Bryce knows no bounds to the amount of sacrifice he’s willing to give on behalf of the individuals that we serve. He strives to surround himself with passionate and talented individuals that share his vision of elevating Activity Living into one of the greatest companies in the State. Bryce has a Bachelor’s degree in Finance. In his leisure time, he enjoys coaching his son’s basketball team, coin collecting, following the Kansas City Chiefs and Saint Patrick Mahomes and playing golf!

Chris Warnick

VP/ Director of Host Home Operations

Chris has been with Activity Living since the beginning. He developed a love for individuals with disabilities when he was in college and had a struggling roommate with a traumatic brain injury. Chris sits on Non-Profit Boards outside of Activity Living to help assimilate individuals with brain injuries into the workplace and live more meaningful lives. He is an advocate for not just having individuals live in the community but helping them to thrive and reaching new heights they never thought possible. Chris has a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. In his free time, Chris loves spending time with his family, playing a rousing game of table tennis and golfing any time Bryce allows him to tag along.

Annika Madsen

Director of Operations

Annika has a variety of arrows in her quiver! She has an extensive background in the recovery world and these problem solving skills and “can-do” attitude translated nicely in helping Activity Living get to the next level. Annika strives for excellence and perfection in everything she does. She has a quick wit and will not hesitate to call out anyone for the betterment of Activity Living. Very few people know all that goes on behind the scenes of a Provider but Annika continues to go above and beyond by putting systems in place to make everyone’s lives easier. She never hesitates to roll up her sleeves, look you square in the eyes and say, “I got this!” Annika has a Bachelor’s degree in Recreational Therapy.  In her free time, Annika loves to snuggle with kittens, cheer on Big Rudy and the Utah Jazz, and finding her inner-self in the great outdoors. 

Darla Baty

Vocational Rehab Specialist

Darla’s love for individuals with disabilities developed through many years of service as a team leader in skilled nursing facilities throughout Utah. Darla was always a staunch advocate for the most vulnerable in her care and gave them a voice when no one else was willing to speak up on their behalf. Darla has a deep love for all animals and plant life and spent some of her early career serving as an animal trainer/whisperer at the Hogle Zoo, where she rescued beautiful birds of prey . In her downtime, Darla loves spending time with family, giving back to her community or snuggling up to a good Rom-Com with her 3 dogs named Bo Bo, Butch, and Sundance. 

McCall Peart

Host Home Coordinator

McCall was able to Rise to the challenge of taking on the role as our Host Home Coordinator. She brings a steady and calming presence to a very demanding and sometimes chaotic position. She is constantly identifying ways to improve our company. She ensures that our Host Home Program is structured and organized and that our wonderful host parents have a strategic partner to help make sure our clients have the right support for them to be their best selves.  McCall has many years of experience in both the DSPD and DCFS world. McCall has little downtime as her weekends are spent caring for her five young children who will take all the love that she has to give! When she has a spare moment to herself, McCall loves to volunteer coaching youth sports and cheering on our Utah Jazz.